iPhone 11 Pro Max next to Dell Laptop Motherboard

Did You Know? iPhone VS Dell Motherboard

The image above shows the size comparison between the iPhone 11 Pro Max (left side) and the Entire Motherboard of a Dell Laptop! (right side) If you're not too sure what a motherboard is, it is basically the body and engine of the car. It connects everything today so all the hardware can make your device run. Now obviously the rest of the laptop adds to the size but this just shows what is really possible when it comes to modern day tech.

Technology is constantly shrinking parts to make things more compact to physically fit in our everyday lives. iPhones and other smartphones are a prime example of that and so are the recent Apple MacBook Air series. They are almost paper thin! To top that off, did you know that nearly all the common phones of today are over 100 times more powerful than the computers that took us to the Moon?! Let that sink in! A single phone today would have been able to perform all the calculations on the Apollo Space Craft...WOW!

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Dec 29, 2021

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